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The air is fresher and more comfortable Turbulent air purifiers equipped with air purific

Turbulent air purifier: TB502

Selling price:

¥1,300(含税) By postage


Shipping cost: 98.000AGT Total

Product number : int4994552510062


"Evolutionary Air" has never been defeated.

Equipped with an "HRF (Hybrid Rotary Filter)" air purification engine, which is internally developed and patented worldwide.

"Fan" and "Filter" work together,The filter's own rotating HRF has high cleaning efficiency and the highest airflow and energy savings in its class.

"TB202" is designed for people who use air purifiers to develop clean air and to enhance the function of air purification.

The number of revolutions of HRF has increased, and the efficiency of dust collection has been greatly improved. (*1) can be more powerful, faster and more extensively filled with clean air than before.

The daily electricity bill is 3.2 yen. Even if you drive all year round, you will have to spend 1,168 yen. (※ 2) Low power consumption is one of the attractions of turbulent air purifiers. (*Experiment in Japan)

Zero standby power consumption is also one of the attractions.

※1 Compared with TB201.

Applicable area: / ~ 44 square meters (fast) ~ 49 square meters (fast 5 minutes)

※2 When the TB502 is in automatic operation and the daily operation in each mode is assigned to strong operation: 1 hour, silent operation for 23 hours.

The estimated price of electricity is ¥22 / kWh. (*Experiment in Japan)

【TB502 Main Specifications】

■Type     TB502

■Color    Titanium Silver

■Power mode     Voltage 100V 50/60Hz (transformers are required outside Japan)

■Consumption     Quick Setup 37W *1

Fast 5 minute setting 41W ※2

※1 Fast running (59W) 10 points, strong running (33W) 50 minutes (through automatic control) average wattage.

※2 Fast 5 minute operation (79W) 5 minutes, fast operation (59W) 10 minutes, strong operation (33W) 45 minutes average W number (by automatic control)

■Expected electricity bill (yen/hour)    Fast 5 minutes: 0.84 Fast: 0.66 Powerful: 0.44 Medium: 0.13 Silent :0.11

■Dust collection method    Hybrid rotary filtering (built-in anti-virus-HRF)

■HRF    Antivirus-HRF

■Air Quality Display     Dual Display (Dust and Odor)

■Operation mode    Auto/custom auto (3 segments), manual (4 segments), fast 5 minutes

■Cleaning time (13 square meters)     About 10 points

■Options    Wall mounts

■Applicable floor space    ~44 square meters (fast) ~ 49 square meters (fast 5 minutes)

■Use temperature     1~40°C

■Line length    1.8m

■Profile     Width 50.2 × depth 16 × height 43.4cm (body thickness 11.7cm)

■Quality (weight)    5kg

■Production country    made in Japan

Advanced Modules·TB502 Main Features

Antiviral HRF for viruses, deodorants and deodorants

Equipped with anti-virus filters for medical practice. This is a special kind of HRF, which stems from the customer's important phrase "I want to thoroughly anti-virus measures anyway," the special HRF was born. Because it is based on fine-grained activated carbon, it has excellent deodorization and deodorization properties. The replacement time is about - to 3 years.

※ Although it is a virus-specific filter, it also removes tens of μm of particles of the same size as the death of pollen and cockroaches.

This feature is recognized even in the medical field for dual displays

Equipped with 2 sensors for meticulous control

Each shows the intensity of odor and the amount of dust. Dust uses a high-performance sensor called a “particle counter” that actually calculates the “quantity” of microscopic particles. A gas sensor with a good sensitivity is used in the scent.

Automatically control air through customization

You can run automatically according to your daily life.

In addition to normal auto, you can choose from three types of custom auto.

Dust... Improves the sensitivity of the dust sensor, making it ideal for collecting dust and pollen.

Deodorization... Increases the sensitivity of the odor sensor to reduce the rotation of the HRF and reliably remove odors such as cigarettes.

High Sensitivity... Increases the sensitivity of both sensors and increases the ability of the HRF to rotate to remove odors and dust.

Manage the life of three HRFs

Consider changing to another HRF during use.

Hybrid Rotating Filter (HRF) is an evolving filter. We are also researching HRF specifically for odors and pollen. The other way, even if it is replaced with HRF, the usage data of the deleted HRF is stored, so even if it is restored, it can be exhausted without wasting.

Fast 5 minutes

Press once to get maximum power.

This feature is handy when you want to quickly remove rising dust. After 5 minutes, the automatic operation will start automatically.