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Air is fresher and more comfortable The turbulent air purifier equipped with an air purifi

Turbulent air purifier: TB202

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¥480(含税) By postage


Shipping cost: 98.000AGT Total

Product number : int4994552510055


"Evolutionary Air" has never been defeated.

Equipped with an "HRF (Hybrid Rotary Filter)" air purification engine, which is internally developed and patented worldwide.

"Fan" and "Filter" work together, The filter's own rotating HRF has high cleaning efficiency and the highest airflow and energy savings in its class.

"TB202" is designed for people who use air purifiers to develop clean air and to enhance the function of air purification.

The number of revolutions of HRF has increased, and the efficiency of dust collection has been greatly improved. (※) It can fill the clean air quickly and powerfully in a wide range.

Although a filter specifically for allergy was incorporated, 0.1 μm particles of the same size as the influenza virus were removed.

※Compared with TB201. (Applicable area: TB201 / -33 square meters, TB202 / -41 square meters)

【TB202 Main Specifications】

■Type     TB202

■Color    White

■Power mode    Voltage 100V 50/60Hz (transformers are required outside Japan)

■Consumer Power     35W

※ The average W number of 50 points for rapid operation (44W) and forced operation (33W) 50 points (by automatic control).

■Dust collection method    Hybrid rotary filter (built-in anti-allele-HRF type)

■Operation mode    Automatic/customized mode (4 types) ・Manual (4 levels)

■Applicable area      Within 41 square meters

■Use temperature     1~40°C

■Line length    1.8m

■Profile     Width 50.2 × depth 16 × height 43.4cm (body thickness 11.7cm)

■Quality (weight)    5kg

We challenged energy saving limits

The turbulence achieves a first class energy efficient design.

The daily electricity bill is only 3 yen. Even if you use it for one year, you will need 1095 yen (* experiment in Japan). Standby power is zero.

Because air purifiers are used all year round, we pay great attention to energy saving.

※ Daily operation in each mode is assigned to strong operation: 1 hour, silent operation: 23 hours.

The estimated unit price is 22 yen /