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Increase antibacterial and deodorizing properties

Condensing dehumidifier dedicated anti-mold antibacterial filter (4 pieces)

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Increase antibacterial and deodorizing performance

There are various odors and germs in the room. It can be said that the body inhaling indoor air is susceptible to odor migration and bacterial contamination. The inside of the condensing dehumidifier AZ not only has the structure of heat sterilization and prevention of bacterial growth, but also by the installation of the filter, the suction port can directly isolate the odor migration and the invasion of the bacteria.

It only needs to be sandwiched between the pre-filter and the filter holder to act as a mold-proof antibacterial filter. The mold and bacteria collected on the mildewproof antibacterial filter are determined to have a high antibacterial effect.

(Specified product: Condensing dehumidifier AZ series)

Applicable products Condensing dehumidifier AZ DBX-AZR

Quantity 4 pieces

Filter life is about 3 months

Not reusable

Condensing Dehumidifier: DBX-AZR Plus is the most powerful dehumidifier with 91% customer satisfaction and dry strength No.1 Dehumidifier!

It can be used not only for drying clothes, but also for bedroom bed drying, etc., and an ultra-convenient dehumidifier at home. Strong drying ability, can remove the semi-dry odor on the clothes, indoor mold, mites can also protect the important storage items in the cabinet shoe, and also play the role of waterproof fog.

Strong air supply distance up to 4M and drying process 3D stereo mode clothing accelerated drying

(3DDry Veil) is a dry air flow generated by a condensing type of strong air volume and a 3D louver type. The dry air can be transported to a wide area with a large amount of air, so that not only the laundry can be quickly and uniformly dried, but also the bed and the bedding can be dried. Of course, you can switch the 3D louver to manual adjustment, and the dry button can be easily operated.