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[Quantity limit] SUWADA black L Nail clipper Full length 120mm Blade distance 13mm

SUWADA Black L Nail Clipper

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From the selection of materials to processing, SUWADA nail clippers are hand-finished by artisans. Since its inception, we have accumulated technology and experience. We are constantly pursuing the original (cutting function) of cutting tools, and now we have produced more than 20 types of nail clippers. Ergonomically curved, beautifully shaped and easily trimmed thick nails, rolled nails, or deformed nails along a nail-shaped micro-bend blade. Not only ordinary people, but also professional nail artists and health care professionals around the world.


Tool steel


Full length 120mm

blade distance 13mm



Cylindrical Spring

Made in Japan

Use a new type of cylindrical spring

In normal use, the blade opening is about 3-5 mm and the usability is very good!

In addition, the knife edge can be opened about 15 mm, making it easy to trim thick nails.

In order to enhance the original trimming function of the nails, the selected materials and skilled craftsmen carefully crafted them.

The beautiful shape is centered on the function, and the curved nail-shaped blade can be used to construct a roll-shaped nail.

Nail art and hospital related personnel, of course, the general family has also achieved beauty and health, which is a special product carefully crafted by artisans.