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It keeps dry and can be worn in any season. Nursing supplies socks gifts

Red five-toe socks "AKATABI"

[Meihosei Bell Heart Group]

Selling price:

¥21(含税) By postage


Shipping cost: 15.000AGT Total

Product number : int4582225550011

JAN code:4582225550011


・The Japanese and American patented copper ion fiber is warm to protect the soles of the feet.

・Wear in warm socks, usually warmer

・Continuously dry, wearable regardless of seasons


M: 22~26cm

L: 26~28cm

●Material: Silk 43%, acrylic 9% (including copper ion), cotton 23%, polyurethane 25%

Customer feedback

30-year-old woman

Before you bought it, you have already worn the hole and bought it again. Put it on to sleep and sleep well.

40-year-old woman

We look forward to promoting blood circulation to the toes. The father was hospitalized because of blocked blood vessels in his toes. Always looking for socks after leaving the hospital. Just saw, keep warm, not tight five-finger socks. It fits the socks I want to find. Although the fabric is bo, it feels effective, has good flexibility, does not feel tight, and has no sewing interface. I bought two pairs of clothes during the day and then added a pair of ordinary socks. I seemed to be sleeping in five-legged socks at night. Two pairs of replacements.

40-year-old woman

The mother was hospitalized and gradually became cold and gave it to her mother as a gift. My mother and I need red foot bags in the cold season. Although both of us have small feet, this is the first time I bought the L code. It is very flexible, just good, super satisfied!