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HANABIRATAKE is found in areas at altitudes of over 1000 meters. It is a rare mushroom that is difficult to cultivate.

We have developed a lactic acid fermented version of this rare mushroom using a patented process. Also developed easy to take on a daily basis. This is a safe and healthy food supplement without preservatives or additives.

"Lactic Acid Fermented Hanabiratake" contains that can be used to enhance your beauty and health beta-glucan, dehydroergosterol, phyto-vitamin D, oleic acid amide, ceramide, 9 essential amino acids, plant lactic acid bacteria, ergosterol and adiponectin.
Product Name: Lactic Acid Fermented HANABIRATAKE Food Products
Ingredients: Lactic acid fermented Hanabiratake mushroom (manufactured in Japan)
Contents:30 packets (1200mg/package)
Storage: Keep away from direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.
Recommended to take 1-2 packets per day with 100-180ml of water or tea.

Beta-glucan, the main component of Hanabiratake, is expected to improve immunity.

In addition, protein and amino acids help maintain healthy body cells and support your health throughout the day.

Lactic Acid Fermented HANABIRATAKE is effective only if you keep taking it!